The three best videos showing how to play a one-handed backhand

There’s no shortage of YouTube videos demonstrating how to play a one-handed backhand. If you have the time, or patience, then they’re all worth watching, but I’ve picked out three that stand out a little more than the rest.

1. has produced a range of helpful tennis videos, and they’re of a uniformly high standard. This one dates way back to 2009, and is packed with solid advice. You won’t get much power or spin from the tips here, but you are much more likely to get the ball back in.


A friendly guide from the British-run Top-Tennis-Training website. A little long and woolly, perhaps, at 5:24, but it covers all the basics and includes some slo-mo action of top players like Federer and Wawrinka.

3. Tennis Now

This sub-4-minute video focuses on how Federer packs such a powerful backhand, and it does so eloquently with little waffle. Well worth watching.

Image: Marianne Bevis on Flickr

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Tim is the editor of Tennis Talent and tech magazine PC Pro. While no Rafa, he plays tennis for his local club and is basically obsessed with the game.

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