The three best videos showing how to play an overhead smash

The smash is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying, and impressive, shots you can play. In an ideal world, it will quickly end the point when your opponent attempts a lob – leaving you to milk the applause. However, it’s also tricky to get right and can leave you out of position.

We’ve tracked down three of the best YouTube smash tutorials so you don’t have to, which will give you a good grounding in the basics and help you iron out any issues.

1. Tennis Now

This straightforward video from Tennis Now aims to help people who traditionally struggle with the smash by improving both their positioning and footwork. The instructor’s key point is getting back as quickly as possible to set up the overhead and there are plenty of demonstrations to watch over and over again.

2. Top Speed Tennis


This comprehensive guide by US-based Top Speed Tennis (hence the dramatic title ‘How to Crush the Tennis Overhead Smash!’) argues that the smash is actually a deceptively easy shot and that preparation is key. Not one to stand idly by, the instructor constantly moves around and demonstrates the phases of the shot.

3. Top Tennis Training


This video differs from the previous two as, instead of an out and out tutorial, it covers a handy drill to improve both your overhead smash and the recovery afterwards. This makes it ideal for intermediate players looking to fine-tune their technique.

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