The three best videos showing how to serve

The serve sets the tone of the point, making it one of the most important techniques to master. Be it a flat first serve or a topspin-heavy second, it will dictate whether you start on the front or back foot.

YouTube is littered with videos about the “perfect” serve. Some of them are worthwhile, but a lot are ropey. Here at Tennis Talent, we’ve drawn together the cream of the tutorial crop so you don’t have to and present three videos to help improve your service technique.

1. Tennis Warehouse

First, the basics. This lengthy, in-depth video runs through the process of serving in minute detail, including how to adopt the Continental grip. For veterans, it may be a case of teaching grandmother to suck eggs, but the American video’s graphics and slow motion are still a handy reference point.  

2. Top Tennis Training


This short and sweet video from UK-based Top Tennis Training isn’t a tutorial, but a collection of three different serves in slow and super-slow motion: slice, flat and kick. It’s a great way of comparing the body shapes and racket positions – without any distracting noise.  



We really like’s engaging tennis videos and the topspin serve tutorial is no exception. Refreshingly, it offers advice for left-handed and doubles players, as well as the basics, and has a handy “recap” section at the end to hammer home the points.  

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