How to find a club

1. Head to

2. You’ll be confronted with a greyed-out map. Enter the location you wish to scout and the display will automatically change.

3. The blue pin above denotes your location, while the dark red pins are tennis clubs.

4. Click on a club to bring up its address, phone number and a link to its website.

5. So far, so good, but the main attraction of the LTA map is its filters. By clicking on the tickboxes shown below, you can, for example, select to only see free courts or those that are indoors or outside. It’s a very useful tool.

6. Once you’ve plumped for a club, there’s only one thing left to do… start playing! Most of the hireable courts in the UK are of the hard variety, but if you’re lucky enough to have a local grass court, head to Tennis Talent’s in-depth guide to playing on the green stuff.