The four best videos showing how to play a forehand

The forehand is a tennis player’s bread and butter. It’s the shot you will use to both attack and defend, meaning it’s crucial that you have your technique nailed down.

Needless to say, there’s a whole raft of, often contradictory, advice and tutorials on YouTube. We’ve tracked down four of the best videos so you don’t have to, which range from the very basics to how to copy Roger Federer’s forehand – easy-peasy.

1. Essential Tennis

The first in a three-part series about the forehand, US-based Essential Tennis’ guide to pinpoint accuracy runs through the basics you need to master for a consistent action, as well as demonstrating how to hit targeted areas of the court and avoid mistakes.


http://’s tutorials are fast becoming a fixture on our “best videos” list for one simple reason: they’re excellent. This forehand video offers a selection of handy drills you can try at your local court or club, including hitting balls into coned-off sections of the court to test accuracy. Moreover, at just over two minutes, it’s refreshingly light on waffle.

3. A Touch of Tennis


Don’t let the comparatively low production quality put you off, British tennis coach Adam Wood has plenty of tips about decreasing your swing and adding wrist to gain extra power from your forehand. However, as he says in the video, the technique definitely isn’t for absolute beginners!

4. Top Speed Tennis


What better way to learn than copy one of the best in the business? In this video, instructor Clay Ballard runs through the basics of the Roger Federer forehand, including his distinctive “tabletop” position, and shows how to apply topspin.

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