Tip of the day: The serve toss

Serves can be made or broken by the height and speed of the toss. Here, in our first Tip of the Day, are a few simple steps to make sure you’re not left red-faced on the court.

  1. Keep your throwing arm as relaxed as possible.
  2. Imagine you’re tossing an egg – keep the ball on the ends of your fingertips before releasing it and avoid bending your arm.
  3. Throw the ball slightly in front of you, not straight up. This means you can fully extend and hit over the ball.    
  4. Release the ball at chest height
  5. Watch the ball at all times, instead of dropping your head as you release it.

For visual tips for perfecting your toss technique, check out the following Tennis Now video:

So you’ve got the toss sorted, but what about the rest of the serve? Have a peruse of the three best videos showing how to serve

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